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President’s Report 2019

Green Grove Youth Camp 2019 was another successful summer with 60 campers (30 girls and 31 boys). The camp was directed by Chelsea Miske and assisted by Olya Pilchenko. Staff / Volunteer staff included Karma Bohle, Eastin Normand, Stasya Maruschuk-Love, Zach Kotelko, Austin Normand, Tanya Clay, Vika Cheremyshynska, Sofiya Fayfruk, Logan Bohle, Olena Pavlovska, Michael Clay. Cheryl Beaudoin and Tammi Bohle provided both fun and delicious meals to campers during this camp session. Fr. Micheal Lomaszkiewicz and Fr. Peter Wasylenko provided spiritual guidance to the campers in alternating weeks. 

During the two weeks Ukrainian Language was separated into two groups, beginner and advanced. Each lesson began with a Ukrainian word of the day which centered upon daily activities. Language classes included lessons on numeral values and personal descriptors. Religious classes focused on God’s connection with nature and how we can find God’s presence in the smallest of creatures. Campers also engaged in a discussion to prepare for Confession the night before the Divine Liturgy.

Crafts such as friendship bracelets and God’s Eye were enjoyed by campers and councilors alike. Capture the flag, soccer and football were part of camper’s daily routine. Campers had a great time making perogies and Paska together.

During the two-week session campers enjoyed fields trips to the Wakaw Museum and Poplar Beach. Campers were fascinated with the many historical artifacts and stories provided by museum volunteers. Poplar Beach was a nice change of scenery and a nice picnic was provided on site.

All enjoyed the camp experience.  A big thank-you to all board members, cooks, volunteers, the groups who donated food for the final Sunday concert and the Ukrainian Community at large for the support towards ensuring a successful a Green Grove Camp 2019 session.